Oil Processing Technology

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Course Summary / Introduction / Course Description

Do we really know through what all means oil and fats are part of our food commodities? How do we know what contents are present in oil and fats? Can oil or fat be healthy? How are oils extracted and packed with no compromise in quality!! This course will help you answer these questions. You’ll look at the science behind nutrition covering the technological aspect of extraction of oil and its processing.

This course in fats and oil processing will provide knowledge about oils & fats, extraction & process of oil. The objective of this course is to give knowledge about different oilseed processing, refining process, modification of fats & oils, oil seed storage and packaging of fats & oils.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, one will have the basic knowledge about the production and processing technologies of fats and oils. One will be able to evaluate the diverse technologies and consequent chemical and physico-chemical details on different edible oils.

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