Advanced course on High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

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About the course 

High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is the most common analytical tool used for separation, identification, quantification and purification of compounds. HPLC has a vital role in Quality Control of food industries. It is employed effectively in extracting nutrient (vitamins, sugars etc.) profiles, to identify pesticides, mycotoxins, preservatives, natural and artificial flavouring, sweeteners and colorants. This lecture series explains the basic principles of chromatography and HPLC. The major aspects in HPLC, including column selection, mobile phase composition and modes of separation are discussed. The instrumentation of HPLC, the types of pumps and detectors are also explained. The applications of HPLC in the food industry with specific industrial examples is one of the key sessions in this series. The instrumental demonstration as well as ‘how to maintain HPLC’ is also covered in this series. 

The course covers following topics: 

Lecture 1: Principles of Chromatography, HPLC

Lecture 2: Separation in HPLC

Lecture 3: HPLC instrumentation

Lecture 4: HPLC in food analysis

Lecture 5: Demonstration of HPLC 

Lecture 6: Maintenance of HPLC

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