CFTRI EXAM – Basics of Agriculture

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This lecture is mainly designed for CFTRI MSc (Food Tech) entrance exam which covers the following topics:

  1. Soil & water conservation
  2. Cropping Pattern & Weed Control
  3. Soil Fertility & Fertilizer use
  4. Diseases, Insect pest, nematodes of crops
  5. Field crops
  6. Farm Management, Agriculture Marketing & Storage
  7. Farm Machinery
  8. Animal Husbandry
  9. Plant Breeding
  10. Weather and Crops Soil & Water Resources
  11. Horticultural Crops Fruits
  12. Horticultural Crops Vegetables
  13. Medicinal Crops
  14. Aromatic Crops
  15. Plantation Crops
  16. Spices & Condiments
  17. Commercial Crops
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