Science of Bread Making

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We know bread making is an old art, but its science helped to scale the process from kitchen to mega factories. As a food technologist, its imperative that we understand the science so that we are able to scale up the technology ansd produce products with same quality and taste. 

In this course we will be talking about the science behind major steps involved in bread making. There is deep science in dough making where there is gluten formation. Fermentation is key in bread making which differentiate a bread loaf from flat bread (chapati). Baking finally determines the over all structure and flavour of bread.

The course covers following topics – 

  1. Ingredients of bread: Different ingredients and their functionality. 
  2. Major steps in bread making: Major unit operations involved in bread making 
  3. Science of gluten formation: To understand what gluten is formed, what all factors affects gluten formation 
  4. Science of fermentation: To understand the basics of fermentation involved in bread and how it affects the final quality of bread
  5. Science of proofing: To understand what proofing is, its impact in texture formation of bread and also to see a video on proofing. 
  6. Science of baking: To understand the changes happening during baking and its impact on bread texture. 
  7. Solving some industrial problems: Applying all of the above knowledge to solve some of the problems observed during bread making. 
    1. Why bakers adjust water in bread recipe?
    2. Why sometime due to use of bread improvers, bread becomes too soft and that the sidewalls of loaves collapse inwards to give a ‘keyhole’ shape
    3. What is the cause of “Pan Lock” ?
    4. Why there is ragged crust break in bread?
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