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When we graduate, there are several questions that come to mind for which we look for some answers and guidance. Most of these questions are common in everyone’s mind whether they graduated 20 years ago or are graduating now. In the last decade I have got several questions from the students. In this lecture series, I have tried to answer those questions which cover most of the confusions of a graduating student.

In this lecture series, I will try to answer the following

Section 1: What you want?   In this section, I have tried to answer a few common questions/confusions a graduating student have in their mind – What after graduation?
a. MBA or Post-Graduation
b. Post-Graduation or Job.

Total time: 17:18 min

Section 2: What the food industry wants?

In this section, we will talk about
a. different departments in the food industry.
b. in which all departments a food technologist can make their career
c. what are the skill sets required to grow in these departments
d. who are all the competitors who will compete for the same vacancies

Total time: 33:51 min

Section 3: How to present yourself?

In this section, we will learn about
a. making a good and presentable CV
b. what are the checkpoints we should see before sending a mail for a job
c. basic components of a good CV
d. common mistake done by any candidate while making and sending CV

Total time: 20:19 min

Section 4: How to prepare for an entrance exam?

In this section, we will talk about
a. basic tips and tricks for the preparation for entrance exam
b. how and when to use MCQ books
c. basic DOs and DONTs while writing an exam.  

Total Time: 15:28 min

Assessment & Certificate
These lectures are guidance and not course so do not have any assessment and doesn’t provide any certificate of completion.

Total Time: 1 hr 32 min

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