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Importance of Food Regulations

Food Safety and Standards (Labelling and Display) Regulations, 2020 prescribe the labeling requirements of pre-packaged foods and display of essential information on premises where food is manufactured, processed, served, and stored.

Food regulations are important and necessary to regulate and monitor the manufacture, processing, storage, distribution, sale and import of food so as to ensure the availability of safe and wholesome food for human consumption. Food laws are enacted to protect the consumers against unsafe, adulterated, and misbranded food, and fraudulent practices and also to facilitate the movement of food across borders.

The subject is an important factor in food business processes (including that of prepackaged food and food service establishments), guiding critical considerations in product development, food labeling, food marketing, advertising and labeling claims, and guiding consumer choices. 


(FLeP) Food Labelling e-Learning is an online Certification Program, equipped to provide the learner with an understanding of current food labelling legislation and its implication in business processes. The program is customized for Beginners and Advanced levels that meet the requirements of learners at different stages of their understanding of the subject and requirements thereof.

Content Design Representing Rich Industry Experience

Packaged Food Labelling
Food Service Establishments
Comprehensive Food Labelling Regulations
Digital Food Labelling
High Consumptions Food Categories Nutrient Profiling and Front of Pack Labelling Models

The program will make learners industry-ready by providing them the knowledge to,

  • Contribute to regulatory decision-making in food companies
  • Make food companies’ regulations compliant
  • Guide food R&D and product development
  • Guide food companies on advertising and labeling claims
  • Guide consumers on making good food choices

Program Highlights

  • 16 modules with case studies, quizzes (comprehensive program)
  • Knowledge assessment after completion of each module
  • 70% qualifying score for each assessment
  • 1 Live session with Expert
  • Certification after successful completion of the program
  • Job Interview Entitlement and Placement for Most Deserving Candidate

Course Content

1. Introduction to the regulation – What you must know about food regulations?

a. General Definitions
b. General Requirements
c. Food Categorisation System

2. Ingredient Declaration – How do ingredients impact food labelling?

a. Exemptions and basic rules
b. Quantitative Indications
c. Allergen Labelling

3. Nutritional Information – What you must declare on your food packs?

a. Introduction and Definitions
b. Mandatory Nutrient Declarations
c. Serving Size Declaration
d. Exempted Foods
e. Calculation of nutrients (Nutrition Calculator)

4. Declaration regarding Veg and Non veg

a. Veg / Non veg logo
b. Size of logo

5. Principal display panel

a. Size and Height of numeral
b. Mandatory declarations on PDP

6. Organic, Food Fortification – Know the guidelines

7. Declaration of name, complete address, FSSAI logo and license number

8. Country of origin labeling

a. Definitions and general rules
b. Labeling of Imported Foods
c. Country of origin for imported food

9. Exemptions from certain labeling requirements

10. Net quantity, date indications and storage conditions (Legal Metrology)

a. Net quantity
b. Date indications
c. Storage conditions and instructions for use
d. Legal Metrology Requirements

Benefits to Participants

This program is designed to provide participants with practical knowledge and an overview of various aspects of food law in India as well as Global Standards.
By the end of this course, learners will:

  1. (As part of the Beginners program,) be acquainted and equipped with a thorough knowledge of basic National and an overview of International Food Labelling Regulations.
  2. Get familiarized with industry requirements in food labeling standards.
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