CFTRI – Bundle Of Courses – Agriculture, Maths And Chemistry

Foodtech Pathshala Team Experts
Total Lectures:


CFTRI EXAM – Basics of Agriculture

This lecture is mainly designed for CFTRI MSc (Food Tech) entrance exam which covers the following topics:

    1. Soil & water conservation

    1. Cropping Pattern & Weed Control

    1. Soil Fertility & Fertilizer use

    1. Diseases, Insect pest, nematodes of crops

    1. Field crops

    1. Farm Management, Agriculture Marketing & Storage

    1. Farm Machinery

    1. Animal Husbandry

    1. Plant Breeding

    1. Weather and Crops Soil & Water Resources

    1. Horticultural Crops Fruits

    1. Horticultural Crops Vegetables

    1. Medicinal Crops

    1. Aromatic Crops

    1. Plantation Crops

    1. Spices & Condiments

    1. Commercial Crops

CFTRI EXAM – Mathematics

Video 1:

    1. Theory of quadratic equations;

    1. Binomial theorem;

    1. uses of natural and common logarithms;

    1. Exponential series

    1. Differentiation, successive differentiation,

Video 2:

    1. Maxima minima.

    1. Integration and Integral equations.

    1. Trigonometry; Ratios and their relations;

Video 3:

    1. Differential equations; First order and linear.

    1. Matrices, and determinants,

Video 4:

    1. Vector

    1. Statistics – Sampling, Probabilit

CFTRI EXAM – Chemistry

This Lecture covers the following topics:

    1. Carbohydrates

    1. Fats

    1. Micro Components

    1. Minerals

    1. Proteins

Foodtech Pathshala Team Experts

1. Any student or professional who is willing to expand the knowledge. 2. Those who preparing for CFTRI MSc Entrance Exam.
The candidate securing 70% marks will get soft copy of the certificate. The certificate will be issued by Food Tech Pathshala.
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