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There is a big gap between Industry’s expectations and what we learn in colleges. Colleges provide us with the fundamentals, but their applications are required in Industry. The perspective, the approach, and the environment are very different than our imagination as students. Due to this gap, a student struggles a little bit at the beginning of the career either as an employee or as an intern/trainee.

We at FoodTech Pathshala understood this well and so we are providing a holistic solution to this perennial problem. With the help of industry experts, we have curated courses that will act as finishing schools for fresh graduates and young professionals through our flagship program.

How a food Industry is structured

In this section, we will talk about
1. different departments in the food industry.
2. in which all departments a food technologist can make their career
3. what are the skill sets required to grow in these departments
4. who are all the competitors who will compete for the same vacancies

Basics of HACCP and application in food industry

This section covers following topics
1. Introduction of course and objectives
2. Basics about HACCP concept
3. Types of food safety hazards
4. Five Preliminary steps for HACCP 
5. Seven steps/ principles of HACCP
6. CCP monitoring plan example and Summary
7. Fundamentals of Research & Development in Food Industry
8. Introduction to Manufacturing excellence

Basics of Finance for non-finance professionals

This section covers the following topics
1. Basic terminologies used in the company’s balance sheet,
2. How top line and bottom line are calculated
3. How different factors affect the profitability of the company
4. What are the components of COGS where there is the bigger contribution of technical communities

Fundamentals of Research and Development in Food Industry

This section covers the following topics

1. Basics of Research and Development
2. Raw Materials & additives for NPD

lIntroduction to Food Regulation and labelling law

This section covers the following topics
1. Legal Requirement for Packaging Regulations as per FSSAI
2. Legal Requirement for Labeling Regulations as per FSSAI
3. Advertisement and Claims Regulations as per FSSAI

Introduction to Retort processing

This section covers the following topics
1. RTE Market trends
2. Retort processing basics
3. Modes of operations of retort
4. Packaging options and case studies
5. Thermal processing calculations – I
6. Thermal processing calculations – II

Introduction to Fruit and Vegetable Dehydration

This section covers the following topics
1. Food dehydration Market trends
2. Basics of dehydration and process optimization
3. Industrial food dehydration and types of dryers
4. Types of dryers and dryer selection
5. Case studies
6. Mathematical calculations

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