A very common question asked by final year or PG students -“What should be the topic of their project or research work”. In fact we all went through the same phase. 

Basic rule before searching and finalizing any research topic or project topic

1. It should be simple and feasible to do in your college (i.e. your college infrastructure should support your topic)

2. It should be relevant to the subjects in which your guide is working

3. It should be easy to understand and easy to make other understand

4. Its just a part of degree not degree itself so dont panic for it

5. It is not going to decide ur Job at all………

How to filter topic?

Food science and technology is very vast and no one can give a direct topic for project. Even the scientist / professor asks to come with topics.

One need to first filter some topics in his/her mind. Based on the facilities and department in your college, filter the topic in your mind. That filtration can be done based on some questions and answers. 


What is my area of interest – food chemistry, food micro, food engg, food packaging, food processing etc . Suppose answer is food processing


Which food processing area is feasible in lab / is area of interest / is having best faculty in college. Suppose it is cereal. 


Should I go for fundamental research on cereal or application kind of project? Suppose answer is application


Should I go for study of traditional methods or new trends

How to search for topic ?

For that one need to do slight literature survey…

1. Logon on to www.sciencedirect.com and search for topic of your interest (e.g. “Cereal”, extrusion”)

2. Now go through all the research topics and sort out those feasible and simple 

3. Now discuss with your guide and decide on any of the topics which can come out of it. 

This literature survey gives u a direction and an insight to latest works and probable work