Study in Foreign Universities – FAQs

Which are the good universities in abroad for doing PG or PhD in Food Science? Is there any list of top 50 Universities?
It is difficult to sort out the good universities in food science. It all depends upon the research interests and facilities available in the department. There is no authentic list of top universities in food science. Academic Ranking of World Universities ( and QS World University Rankings ( do not provide a list for food science subject category. I think it is better to decide research interest and then find a suitable university where the latest work on particular technology is happening. This can be searched on the university website’s research section of the food science department or research interests section of the academician profile.

How to contact the institutes of my interest?
The best way to contact the institute is via e-mail. One can drop a formal introductory e-mail to the Professor/Administrator listed in the contact section. CV can be attached along with the e-mail, inquiring about PhD/MRes position/Scholarship availability in the department. It is necessary to understand that one will not get all the responses positively. But no harm in sending application/statement of interest to the preferred university.

How to search for topics for PhD?
PhD topic is highly dependent upon the research interest of a particular person. One can go through the latest publications on the topic of interest and try to find out the gap in research where one can contribute. Science Direct/Elsevier, ACS, Springer, Taylor and Francis, Wiley publishers sites can be used to see the abstracts of latest publications in the food science category.

Is reference important for admission to foreign universities? Whom should we contact for reference?
Yes, reference is essential for admission in foreign universities. You can contact your master’s/bachelor’s final year project supervisor and course co-ordinator/academician who knows you well.

Do we need GRE/TOEFEL/IELTS score for applying to all foreign universities?
All university websites asks for GRE/TOEFEL/IELTS score for admission if your native/first language is not English. After receiving confirmation from the university/supervisor one can enquire about these exam requirements.  

How to prepare for GRE/TOEFEL/IELTS ?
IELTS is a relatively easy exam and can be cleared without coaching compared to GRE and TOEFL (depending on one’s English proficiency). Most of the universities in Europe, Australia, New Zealand now accept IELTS. For US GRE and TOEFL are preferred.  IELTS consists of four sections listening, reading, writing and speaking. Scores are rated on 9 point scale and average all four sections is considered as the final score.

If these scores are required what are the minimum scores needed to apply to colleges?
The minimum qualifying score for each test is strictly dependent upon university requirements. These qualifying requirements can be found in the English proficiency section of the university for international students.

For example 
University of Melbourne:…
University of Reading:
Purdue University:

Are publications required for admission into PhD?
No. If you have publications such as research and review paper in an international peer-reviewed journal adds a strong points for your application.

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