Rise of Turmeric Based Products during Covid 19 Pandemic as immunity booster

Indian market saw a sudden rise of turmeric based products during Covid 19 pandemic as immunity booster.

Its not that turmeric is new to India or Indians are not aware about its benefits. Advantages of turmeric in boosting our immunity moved it from Indian Kitchen to Indian Food Industry as functional ingredient.

Indian old texts and Ayurveda has reference of turmeric (haldi) in many of their texts. Following sanskrit shlok talks about different names of turmeric associated with its benefits and also talks about the qualities of turmeric.

As mentioned in Bhavprakash, the Sanskrit synonyms of haridra are: Haridra, Kanchani, Peeta, Nisha, Varvarnini, Krimighni, Haldi, Yoshitpriya and Hattvilasini. Some of the interesting synonyms are explained below –

Yoshitpriya – The women’s favourite. This is an indication of haridra being useful in Striroga like PCOS.

Varvarnini – One with superior varna (healthy complexion). This is an indication of haridra being useful in maintaining health of the skin

Qualities of Haridra –
Haridra is katu and tikta in taste. It is ushna in quality. It is rooksha in property. It acts against kapha and pitta dosha.

It is helpful in improving and strengthening complexion. Haridra is useful in skin diseases, diabetes, oedema, anaemia and wound healing.

Charak says – Haridra is lekhaneeya, kushthaghna and vishaghna

Source: Link

From traditional medicine to modern medicine, Goodness of haldi is backed by thousand years of Indian roots of Ayurveda science and is known to strengthen immune system, also protects from day to day infection

Turmeric is auspicious and famed for purported anti- inflammatory, anti- oxidant properties.

With its inherent qualities and high content of bioactive, curcumin, turmeric is considered to be the best herb in the world which is used in Ayurveda, Japanese, Egyptian medicine & treats many diseases.

Most importantly, Turmeric is a highly versatile spice that can be added to meals in many ways.

Does vegan golden milk sound interesting?


People can make” VEGAN GOLDEN MILK” by the ingredients: Almond milk, raw turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom & it’s a best immunity booster drink one can make at home.

Can you imagine to have haldi ice-cream, chyawanprash ice-cream?

During COVID 19 pandemic, consumption of turmeric rose as it boosts immune system. This gave insights to many food manufacturers to extend their existing product portfolios with turmeric as functional ingredient.

Some of them are listed below-

Amul has launched an affordable easily accessible immunity booster beverage AMUL HALDI DOODH known for its anti-bacterial properties. This drink can be consumed by any age group. This costs only Rs 30.
Reference- LINK

Mother Dairy launches haldi milk to boost immunity - YouTube

Mother dairy also launched TURMERIC LATTEwith the goodness of turmeric to boost immunity. This costs Rs 25.The product is much appreciated since it comes in different flavours.
Reference-  Link

Dairy day, one of the ice-cream brands in south India is set to launch Haldi & chyawanprash ice-cream. The haldi ice-cream includes haldi, pepper, honey as its ingredients. Chyawanprash ice-cream includes branded chyawanprash along with dates.
Reference- Link

Buy DABUR Haldi Drops- 50% Extra: Curcumin Extract for Natural Immunity  Boosting & Fighting Inflammation: (20ml +10ml Free) Online at Low Prices in  India - Amazon.in

Haldi immunity drops are launched by Dabur enriched with the goodness of turmeric. This herbal tonic is 100% Ayurveda & may be useful for health issues like cold, cough, joint pain. This should be consumed after consulting an Ayurveda physician.
Reference- Link

BOGATCHI Ayurvedic Turmeric Almond 8 Bites Dark Chocolate 80 g: Buy BOGATCHI  Ayurvedic Turmeric Almond 8 Bites Dark Chocolate 80 g at Best Prices in  India - Snapdeal

One of the best things loved by every age group is chocolates. Likely Bogatchi launched turmeric milk white chocolate bar that contains turmeric powder and milk with amazing taste. This is the best for kids as they can eat it like a regular chocolate & helps fight against diseases and infections.
Reference- Link

“Golden Milk Products” launched

Latest addition to this list is Golden milk and golden milk mix developed by ICAR- Indian Institute of spices Research, Kozhikode. It is enriched with turmeric, ginger and cinnamon as adjuvant to boost immunity!
Reference- Link

When the world is in dire need of immunity to fight against this deadly virus, there can be nothing better than including immunity boosters in food and no brand is lagging behind!

Turmeric connects tradition and medicine together, strengthens the bonds of culture, food and pharmacy together.

A healthy immune system leads to a healthy body, and turmeric is like a blessing to the immune system, it is a gem that never disappoints!”

Featured Image by cgdsro from Pixabay

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