Whats App and You Tube professors give me good topics to write articles for my blog. They gave me another topic for my “Rumour Ka Tumour” series by sharing a video of Boiling of Coke Experiment.

Yes, science is about doing experiment and everyone has full authority to do experiments. But, if the experiment’s observations dont end up at right conclusion, then this is not a scientific experiment, its just a hobby.

Experiment should also have some control also which shows that observation is unique in the test experiment.

In the videos related to Boiling of Coke, Experiment has neither the control nor has right conclusion. So, it is technically not a scientific experiment but nothing less than a Rumour / fake news to gain more and more views.

What is the Rumour in the Video?

If you boil coke in pan, it will convert into dark solid coaltar like mass and this shows that coke has coaltar like material or has some mysterious ingredient which is harmful to your body

What is the scientific fact?

Coke or any carbonated beverage has sugar (10-15%) and this is the mysterious ingredient and sugar has unique property to behave in a particular way when heated.

If this sugar is harmful to your body or not, is a different topic. If you want to drink sugar rich beverage or want to discard it, is your choice. But discarding based on correct information is your right also.

When sugar is heated, it first melts, then becomes slight brown and then becomes dark black. This is caramelization. This is the same observation we see in videos. There is nothing new.

Following are the pictures showing series of changes observed while heating sugar in my kitchen.

Rumour Ka Tumour 05 - Boiling of Coke Experiment

Rumour – Video

About Rumor ka Tumor

Nowadays social media has become a “pseudo-main stream media”. Every citizen having access to the internet has become either a journalist OR news reader (spreading news). And this is a huge power each of us has got. So, we should also be little responsible while spreading news/msg because “rumours” spread like “tumours” and sometimes becomes incurable. 

Being a responsible food technologist, I thought to start a blog series to suppress the spread of rumours related to the food industry / processed food and spread awareness. 


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